Netherlands Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan

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Dutch cattle

Resumption of cattle trade

Today cattle trade between the Netherlands and Pakistan has resumed after 11 years. The import restrictions have been lifted and a protocol has been agreed, finally allowing trade to resume. The availability of world class Dutch dairy cattle presents a unique opportunity to Pakistan’s growing dairy sector.


Embassy Facelift

Inspired by Mondriaan's Colours

The Embassy of the Netherlands was given a new look, depicting the colors and style of the Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan by AkzoNobel.


Key Topics

Water Management

With large areas of the Netherlands below sea level or prone to flooding, no one lives with or manages water better than the Dutch

Netherlands Embassy in Islamabad

167, Street 15,
Diplomatic Enclave,
Sector G-5

(+92) (0) 51 2004 444


UNSC Candidate

UNSC Candidate

United Nations Security Council Candidate

Dutch cattle

Dutch Cattle Available to Pakistan



Dutch Passports



Schengen Visa




When things go wrong

October 9, 2015 Today is the World Day against the Death Penalty. The Netherlands and all other European Union countries have banned capital punishment and are pursuing the abolition of the death penalty worldwide. While the Netherlands and all other EU countries stand shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan in the fight against terrorism, we will continue to engage in a constructive spirit with all segments of society to call for the reinstatement of the moratorium on the death penalty.

October 7, 2015 Het Nederlandse reisadvies voor Pakistan is verduidelijkt. Het bevat bijvoorbeeld meer aanbevelingen om een veilig bezoek mogelijk te maken – ook naar relatief veilige gebieden zoals Lahore en Islamabad. De Nederlandse Ambassade raadt u van harte aan om dit verduidelijkte reisadvies goed door te nemen, zelfs als u al lang in Pakistan woont of het land vaak bezoekt.